The Fab Egg

Hatch a new beginning with a Las Vegas legend.

In 1985, Liberace performed what many consider the show of his life, at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Breaking from his tradition of entering the stage in bedazzled limousines, Mr. Showmanship decided to one-up even his own show. He entered the stage from a giant Faberge-style egg, over 12 feet tall. The show broke every record at the venue, and went down in history as unforgettable.

When Liberace passed away two years later, the egg was long gone. Only in 2017 did the Liberace Foundation obtain it, with a little help from former Nevada Lt. Governor Lonnie Hammargren. Designed by famed costume designer Michael Travis, the egg was an indoor stage prop, which unfortunately was outside for many years, it seemed hopelessly damaged.

But Jonathan Warren and Paulina Biggs Sparkuhl developed a methodology to restore the egg over several years, with painstaking, arduous preservation and rebuilding techniques. Beginning Easter 2022, it goes on exhibit in a special room at Liberace Garage in Las Vegas. It is stunning. is the only authorized vendor through which you can book Liberace Garage or the Fab Egg for your elopement. Standard packages apply, from 5:00pm to 9:00pm only.

but wait, there's more!

Come out of
Liberace's Closet!

Elopement weddings at the Fab Egg exit the ceremony into the main room through the original, Radio City Music Hall dressing room door of Liberace.

Built for him in 1985, he liked it so much he took it with him. It became the doorway to his costume room, which he traveled with the last few years he toured.

When it's time to tell the world your love is no longer a secret, it's time to come through this historic passage. It's time to come out of Liberace's closet!