The easiest marriage license in the USA

Marriage License Checklist

Here's what you need

  1. A valid, government issued photo ID for you and your fiancé;

  2. Funds to pay the $102 fee (cash, credit, or debit);

  3. Internet access to apply for your Las Vegas marriage license online;

  4. US Citizens: Your social security number. You do not need to bring the card;

  5. Divorcees: you will need to know the month, day, year, and location (city & state) when and where your divorce was finalized. You do not need the divorce decree unless it grants you the ability to use a new legal name;

  6. Widowed applicants: Month, day, year and location (city & state) when widowed. The death certificate is not needed;

  7. A trip to Las Vegas to pick up the license in person;

  8. A wedding ceremony in the State of Nevada.

Acceptable forms of Identification:

  • US Driver's License

  • Passport of any recognized country

  • US Military Identification

  • US Resident Alien Card

  • US or foreign country government-issued ID card showing your photo and birthdate

STEP 1: Apply Online

All applicants must apply online in advance. This provides all of the necessary preparation for an easy pick-up of your license in Las Vegas.

STEP 2: Pick Up In Person

All marriage licenses must be picked up, by both members of the wedding party, in person. Remember to bring the items listed above. The Marriage Licensing Bureau is located on the ground floor of the Regional Justice Center in downtown Las Vegas at 201 E. Clark Avenue.

Once you have your wedding license in hand,
you are ready for us to pick you up!